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Frequently Asked Questions

We will be continually adding to and updating this page as our online store progresses. If you do not see the information you need, visit our technical info page or call our technical information department at 580-369-2316.

Q. Can 'I' build a knife, using one of your kits?

A. YES!!! We have very easy, beginner kits such as the Texas Bowie, Frontier Bowie and Cape Skinner. These all come with handle material that is pre-drilled. You can make these kits using simple woodworking tools, sandpaper, epoxy and a little ingenuity. We have several flat tang blades that use only pins and handle material and are quite easy. See our knifemaking kit instructions to see what is required to put together the kit you want to make.

Q. Can I specify the color handle material I want in the kits?

A. No, sorry, we have the kits already made and put together, If a certain color is desired, please order what you need separately.

Q. Do you have everything I need to make a knife?

A. Yes!! although no one can offer every single product on the market for knifemaking or any other project, we do have a very extensive line of over 3500 products available in our catalog. We offer everything you need to complete the kits and all the supplies necessary if you wish to create your own blade, including 'how to books'. (check our book site)

Q. Why are the holes in my blade larger than the pins that come with the kits?

A. The hole in the blade is larger to allow for mistakes in drilling and to allow for expansion of the pins as they are peined to fit tightly in the handle material. These holes will fill with epoxy and act as a bond to further hold the pins tightly.

Q. Are your blades already hardened?

A. Yes, they are hardened, tempered and ready to use after putting on your handle. You will probably have to clean and resharpen after assembly.

Q. How do I figure shipping charges?

A. We have made this easy for you. If you are in the 48 contiguous states, we will add $8.95 for your entire order. The only exception is on items weighing more than 60 lbs.  These items are usually shipped by truck freight and cost varies -  Please call or email us for a quote if you wish.  No one likes to be surprised with a big freight bill!  . We choose shipment method (usually UPS) If you specify a  ship method such as 2nd Day Air or Priority Mail, actual shipping charges will apply with a minimum of $10.95.
Foreign orders are based on weight and method of shipment. We can give you an estimate by Email if you let us know what you want and where it will be shipped. All orders are shipped insured and charged accordingly. If insurance is not available to your country, we will send with a "certificate  of shipping" (this in no way insures you will receive your package) and your order will be sent at your risk.



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